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You Can Now Upgrade to MATE Desktop 1.26 on Ubuntu

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Users of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 21.04 can now upgrade to the recent MATE desktop 1.26 release through a dedicated PPA.

The ‘Fresh MATE PPA’ is maintained by Ubuntu MATE developers, and is aimed at existing users of Ubuntu MATE who want to install MATE desktop 1.26 on their systems.

However, the PPA (and the packages within) are compatible with all Ubuntu flavours, meaning you can add this PPA to install the MATE desktop experience alongside whichever DEs you use at present (just, be careful).

The PPA provides updated MATE desktop components (including new versions of core apps like Pluma and Caja) for Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS and Ubuntu MATE 21.04 (Ubuntu 20.10 went EOL last month).

Upgrade to MATE 1.26 on Ubuntu

To upgrade to MATE 1.26 on a supported version open a new Terminal window and run the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mate-dev/fresh-mate

You’ll be asked to confirm you wish to add the PPA (and if you want to upgrade, you need to). Once the PPA is added the system automatically refreshes the list of available packages.

You can then upgrade your MATE desktop by running:

sudo apt upgrade

Once the upgrade is complete you should log out and back in. This helps ensure all of the pieces fall neatly into place.

I tested it, relax

Because I like to live dangerously (that’s a lie, but it makes me sound edgy) I added the Fresh MATE PPA to my Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS install (on my dinky GPD MicroPC) to make sure things work well — and et voila:

Drag the slider to change MATE version

Fresh MATE, just like it said on the tin.

A nice bonus is also included for LTS users: the new MATE Yaru theme. The theme and icon set get pulled in as part of the upgrade. You can change to the MATE Yaru theme from the Appearance settings:

Yay, Yaru

To get a ‘mixed’ look more similar to regular Ubuntu just customise the Yaru MATE theme, select light window controls, pick dark window borders, then choose the Yaru icons pack.

Side note: I’d love to know if anyone is experiencing issues with Disqus not loading on omg! articles lately. I would say leave a comment and let me know, but… 😅

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