You Are Not So Smart and The Path Taken – What’s Up Next on my Goodreads list.

There’s a special kind of joy that comes with receiving new books in the mail – that anticipation of fresh adventures, insights, and the cozy comfort of a physical page-turn is priceless. Today was one of those delightful days, as I expanded my home library with two notable additions.

The first arrival was You Are Not So Smart, a book that delves into the quirks of human psychology and the logical fallacies we unwittingly succumb to. I’m reading this book for my English Composition class this Fall. Although I generally prefer eBooks for my regular reading, there’s something irreplaceable about holding a physical book – especially when it’s for academic purposes. It allows for a different level of interaction; the ability to flip through pages, annotate the margins, and have a tangible connection with the content. So far, the book has proven to be an eye-opener, challenging my perceptions and inviting introspection.

The second book, The Path Taken, arrived with a weight of anticipation. It’s a biography of Scott Cunningham, an author whose influence in Pagan circles remains strong even years after his passing in 1993. This biography, lovingly penned by his sister, is described as ‘a love letter’ – which suggests an intimate, heartfelt portrayal of Scott’s life and legacy. The description conjures expectations of a read filled with personal anecdotes, deep reflections, and perhaps the bittersweet nuances that can only be captured by someone who knew the subject so deeply.

For those within the Pagan community or even outside of it, looking to understand the impact of Scott’s work, or simply those who are drawn to biographies as a genre, The Path Taken promises to be a valuable read. Its unique perspective might just offer a window into the philosophy and heart of a man who left his mark upon the spiritual landscape.

Reading is not just an individual journey but also a shared experience. I invite you to explore these books if they pique your interest. Your perspectives and reflections are most welcome – so, if you decide to pick up either “You Are Not So Smart” or “The Path Taken”, please do come back and share your thoughts in the comments. It’s through sharing our readings that we enrich our collective understanding and savor the delight of collective discovery.

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