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You Are Not So Smart and The Path Taken – What’s Up Next on my GoodReads list.

I love it when I get book delivery!! Today, I got two.  The first book is You Are Not So Smart.  This is one of the books we are using in my English Composition class this Fall.  It’s been a great read so far, but I find I really like having the actual book when I’m reading for a class I’m taking.  Usually, I read most of my books in eBook format.  The second book I’ve been waiting for a while.  The Path Taken is a biography of one of the very influential Pagan Authors, Scott Cunningham.  It was written as a love letter, or so says the Amazon listing, by his sister.  Scott passed away in 1993.  If you have an interest, I encourage you to read either. If you do, please come back here and leave a comment on what you thought of either.

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