Written goals are far more likely to become manifested goals

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This year I’m going to read more books, write more, play more board games with friends (when COVID allows), drop about 70 pounds of fat weight, gain muscle weight, build my stamina, help 5 people build their own Wellness business, finish the first FancyPants book. Grow my Astrology business, 4 Phases Astrology (first 15 people that schedule an Astrological consult with me get an hour session free, email me for details). Have a smaller footprint in 2021 than I did in 2020. Impact more people positively this year than last. These are my goals for this coming year. What are some of the things that you want to do this year? please comment and share.

Hi, I’m Ken Saunders (author)

I love all things gadgets, technology, food, and inspiration. I aim for this site to share those things that I’ve found that make life a little easier, fun, inspired, or delicious. If I have provided that for you, my mission has been accomplished

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