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WhatsApp multi-device support now available to everyone, but with some bumps along the way

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Users are reporting that WhatsApp multi-device support, which allows you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your desktop without being connected to your phone, is now available in the stable version of the WhatsApp app.

Previously it was only available to WhatsApp Beta users.

Regular users are now able to link their WhatsApp desktop app with their smartphone and use the devices independently.

You can link up to 4 devices, including a macOS/Windows computer, a WhatsApp Web session, or a Portal, but only one, your main device can be a phone.

Once linked, you can send messages without your phone needing to be connected to the Internet. Users will still however have to use their smartphone at least once every 14 days, else all devices will be unlinked.

The roll-out of the feature appears to not be without issue.

Some users are reporting difficulty logging into the desktop app or being logged out immediately. WhatsApp is reportedly working on fixing the issue.

via GizChina

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