A painting TRANSITIONS into the Mona Lisa.

Lately, within the last two weeks, I’ve been finding myself in more and more conversations about how we transition out of the lock-down state we all find ourselves in.  I’m sure you’ve been having those same conversations with your friends and family as well.   Happily, almost all of the conversations include that axiom that whatever transition takes place it will be guided by the best science and common sense with the goal being to keep everyone safe. Based on what I’ve been hearing, I think the transition is going to move slowly at first, with families visiting at each other’s homes in a socially appropriate way.  Friends will start visiting each other in the same way.  There will continue to be drive-by celebrations of all sorts.  Lonnie and I had a drive-by celebration of his birthday and it was great.  Friends and family drove by whooped and hollered and quite honestly it felt like one of the best celebrations of his birthday we’ve ever had. There were balloons, presents, and let’s just say our bar is fully stocked at this point.  People are already going to grocery stores, practicing social distancing with masks, some even wearing gloves.    On the other side are people that AREN’t being safe, we’ve all seen them at the beaches, at the protest marches.  Their anger and frustration about the whole situation are I think something we all feel to a certain degree.  Nobody wants the situation we find ourselves in.

So beyond the small scale transitions that are starting to happen.  We’ve been having conversations about the larger transition.  The one where those lucky enough to still have a job go back to the office, or not and transition to telecommuting.  What about restaurants, I have no idea how that is going to look.  Most stores are already open so it is not hard to envision what things will look like there. Church and religious services will almost certainly look different.  Bars are another institution, I’ve had a number of conversations about what that will look like.  I can see bars severely restricting the number of people allowed in at any time, barstools will have to be spaced (maybe even bolted to the floor to maintain distance).  plexiglass up separating the bar staff from the clients.  What do you think things will look like moving forward, how will we transition to the New Normal?  I can’t possibly imagine things returning to what was Normal, not at least until there is a cure/vaccine/effective treatment besides the bleach and the UV rays of course <snarky grin>


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