deaths vs guns

This insanity must stop!!

I really don’t want my blog to be about Politics or controversial subjects.  However, in light of the horrible tragedy’s here in the U.S. I have to vent a little bit.

I keep hearing and reading people who are saying that mental illness or violent games are to blame for all of these shootings are and to an extent of course they are right.  You have to be a short sited idiot (and yes I’m judging you) to be missing the real cause, literally the smoking gun. Guns ARE the common denominator and before you pull the guns don’t kill people bullshit, yes they do. If guns were removed from the equation, you’d have a domestic terrorist without the ability to easily kill scores of people in mere seconds. I don’t want and I don’t know of anyone in my circle of friends that want to take guns away from responsible gun owners.  I certainly don’t.  I used to hunt when I was younger, not so much here in Orange County.  I don’t see why people feel like their “rights” are being taken away if automatic weapons or even semi automatic weapons, which serve no other purpose than to kill or mame as quickly as possible were to be restricted. Hunting weapons or hand guns will always be easily accessible to people for safety and hunting, legitimate and useful purposes.  Weapons of War don’t belong in the hands of anyone (as far as I’m concerned) except during times of war.  There I’ve said my Peace.  I know just whining about this won’t produce any change and so I’ve included a link here for you to donate to Mom’s Demand Action to get sane gun laws passed (please consider donating).  There is a graphic showing the correlation between gun ownership and deaths by Country.

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