The almost perfect Mac Mini dock

I got this Mac Mini dock to replace one that I already had in the hope that it would take up less desktop space. The main features that persuaded me to go with this one are that it was a vertical dock vs. the horizontal one I already had and that you can add a 2.5″ hard drive to it. Everything about this dock met my expectations ONCE I was able to get it set up. it was a bit cumbersome (more so than my horizontal dock) getting the cables connected. Once they were, this dock was a thing of space-saving beauty. I didn’t think I’d use the front phone rest but I found it is perfect to put the envelopes I need to mail out. I do hope that the manufacturers further refine the design to allow the Mac mini to sit all the way down in the dock, unlike now where it is sticking mostly out of the top, resembling a small laptop.

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