The Journey so far, were we Are and were we’re Going

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This blog post is about the journey I’ve been on with this blog. It’s a little different than what I usually write. It’s a combination of a confession and a question. For a while now, I’ve been uncertain about what to do with this website. It bears my name, but what should I publish? I’m not just referring to the type of content, although that does play a role.

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Do I share my thoughts about current events? The day-to-day grind? Who would possibly find that interesting? A while back, I decided that it was time to segregate those areas of interest in my life into separate blog posts. I don’t recommend doing this; it leaves so very little time for you to do any actual living.

The area that I settled on originally for this blog was talking about the many different gadgets, software services, keto foods, and other stuff I came across, used, or tried out. I think it made the blog look nicer and did garner some traffic, but certainly not at the level that my Leo Moon (we crave adoration. It makes us feel full) requires.

Lately, I have been contemplating the purpose of this blog and what I should focus on. I realized that I need to start with the topics I am passionate about. Sharing the happenings in my life brings me joy, even if not everyone finds it intriguing. I already do this on Facebook, but at least here, I can bypass the algorithm.

When crafting a blog, it’s important to consider SEO, keywords, and what’s currently popular. However, I’ve learned that it’s crucial to also write about my personal experiences and opinions on the people, places, things, and services that I enjoy (or don’t). Ultimately, a balanced approach is key.

In the future, I will continue writing as I normally do, but with a consideration for SEO, keywords, links, and other ranking influencers. Nonetheless, my main focus will remain on providing quality content. I invite you to come along with me on this journey, and if you have any thoughts or feedback, please share – I genuinely enjoy reading and responding to comments.

This all being said, let me catch you up with what T is cooking in my life. I’ve found myself really simplifying my life. I’ve been returning to the basics, eliminating the unnecessary, anything (or anyone, for that matter) that adds complication to my life. I use two tools to get me where I want to go, and highly recommend both of them.

I use ToDoist to jot down all of the things I need to do. I love this app so much that I wrote an article about it.

The second way in which I’ve simplified my life is by returning to using a paper planner. I’ve used just about all of the popular ones, Franklin Covey, DayTimer even a Catholic One, SaintMaker. Passion Planner is the one that really helps me identify goals, values, and ideals I want my life to reflect. It not only helps you do that but breaks those down into manageable doable chunks so things don’t become so overwhelming. So those are the two main tools I’ve been using and achieving “little successes” with.

Let’s talk about health and wellness for a min because they are really important, even if you are not really paying attention to them in your own life right now. As most of you know, Lonnie and I shop exclusively from The Wellness Company, not just because of their superior products but because of the convenience, the way the company is run, and the ways in which they give back to their customers. I have committed to really making Wellness, total Wellness, a reality in not just some areas of my life but all areas of my life. I’ve started working out again, slowly but consistently. We are back to eating in a very low-carb, high-fiber, good-fat sort of way. I think most people would label the way we live as Mediterranean. I see it as a modified Keto lifestyle. It feels balanced to me, and that’s really what I’m going for.

Spiritually I’ve found a men’s group that I’ve been studying with for the past year that I really like. I’ve found tools and practices that feed my Spirit and call me to live outside of myself for the betterment and healing of everyone (especially Men who Love Men).

Lastly, the last little bit I want to share is something I plan on talking about a lot more about healthy aging; the tools, services, and studies that are out there. While I’m not a doctor, Healthy Aging is an area I have a great interest in.

There will still be gadget reviews, foodstuff, restaurants, and stuff we find on our travels which we plan on doing a lot more of. Basically, anything that gets me excited.

Hi, I’m Ken Saunders (author)

I love all things gadgets, technology, food, and inspiration. I aim for this site to share those things that I’ve found that make life a little easier, fun, inspired, or delicious. If I have provided that for you, my mission has been accomplished