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Taking a new chance on an old food.

So after watching one of the leading Physicians in the country talk about how Sardines are a perfect Keto food, and looking at the blood glucose and ketone results from Intermittently fasting and only eating Sardines, I thought I'd give them a go as an adult. A funny store for another day, but ask Allie's Mom what happened the first she tried to get me to eat clams as a child, hint they ended up buried in my Easter Basket next to the heater for a week or so. Anyway, bought these today for lunch, braced myself, and much to my surprise, they are incredibly edible and delicious!!! They taste a lot like canned tuna. The macros on these are amazing as in zero carbs, good fats, and excellent nutrients. I can envision so many recipes for these, keto air-fried sardine cakes, in a salad with lemon mayo, dill, and capers. I'll be heading back to our local grocery store to get more and since they only cost 1.19 a can they are incredibly economical as well.



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