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Relying on the basic principles of journalism, Feature Writing makes feature writing accessible for students through a combination of student and professional examples. While most other texts focus on high-level professional feature writing, “Feature Writing” focuses on entry-level writing, a skill that students will need to develop for their early careers. Each chapter covers specific aspects of feature writing and reviews the applicable principles of journalism. This student-friendly text speaks to readers in conversational yet informative, organized prose. Students will gain confidence as they study features written at an accessible level as well as gain insight from exemplary professional writing examples. Features Provides over 40 examples of feature writing, demonstrating a variety of feature stories and how they are written.
Features student-written examples in every chapter, allowing students to see other students’ work and gain confidence in their own writing abilities.
Includes “Chat Room” sections that provide questions and activities to help students analyze feature writing and develop their own feature stories.
Includes “Help!” sections at the end of each chapter that highlight and define important terms and concepts.
About the Author Carla Johnson, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame (1988), worked for 25 years as a special assignment and freelance feature writer for newspapers and magazines, at the same time teaching journalism at the high school and college levels. She has also worked as publicity director for Lake Michigan College and been lead arts reviewer for The South Bend Tribune. For the past 14 years she has been a full-time faculty member at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana, teaching courses for both the English and Communication departments, including Writing for Advertising and Public Relations, Feature Writing, Media Writing, and Magazine Writing. As Professional Writing Specialist and Internship Coordinator for the English department, she oversees students’ professional writing experiences and teaches seminars in professional writing, publishing, and portfolio building.



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