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  <font color="#000066">Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for January 1, 2022 is:</font>

<strong>rejuvenate</strong> &#8226; rih-JOO-vuh-nayt&nbsp; &#8226; <em>verb</em><br />
<p><em>Rejuvenate</em> means "to make young or youthful again" or "to give new strength or energy to."

// The hotel package includes a day at the spa to rejuvenate guests.

// Small businesses opening along the main street have rejuvenated the downtown area.

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<strong>Examples:</strong><br />
<p>"This year's playoff run was an unexpected gift. Fenway Park was <em>rejuvenated</em> with a level of energy we haven't felt in years. The Sox eliminated the Yankees and Rays before falling two wins short of a World Series appearance. The end was disappointing, but the ride was exhilarating." — Tom Caron, <em>The Sun Journal</em> (Lewiston, Maine), 22 Nov. 2021

<strong>Did you know?</strong><br />
<p><em>Rejuvenate</em> originated as a combination of the prefix <em>re-</em>, which means "again," with the Latin parent of <em><a href="">juvenile</a></em> and <em><a href="">junior</a></em>—<em>juvenis</em>, meaning "young." <em>Rejuvenate</em> literally means "to make young again" and can imply a restoration of physical or mental strength or a return to a more youthful, healthy condition. Things that are timeworn can also be rejuvenated.


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