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Razer Enki gaming chair provides long-lasting comfort and support during gaming marathons » Gadget Flow

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Find the lumbar support you’re looking for with the Razer Enki gaming chair. Designed especially for gaming marathons, it includes a built-in lumbar arch to cushion your lower back and encourage you to sit in a neutral position. As a result, you’ll maintain the correct posture even when seated for long periods. Moreover, the Razer Enki has a soft seat base for a cushioned feel and a firm seat for back support. It also comes with a plush cushion that molds to your head and neck. For the perfect mix of comfort and durability, this gaming chair has a plush textured fabric and smooth leather edges. So it can withstand daily wear and tear. Finally, its 152° adjustable recline provides ample flexibility, enabling you to lay back far for when you put down the game console.

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