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Publishing a book with Trademark mentions

Mr. Fancypants (our dog) and I were out on his walk this morning as we do every morning. He wants me to mention that he almost got that squirrel this time. It’s probably my favorite time of the day. The air is still crisp, especially now that it’s Fall and the birds, and squirrels, are all doing their morning thing.  I get a lot of thinking done on our walks.  This morning was no different.  Now that I’ve committed to publishing my first cookbook, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the recipes I’ll be including, it came to me. there are a number of ingredients I use in recipes that are trademarked. This when the questioned start rolling in my head, can I mention them by name?  How do I mention them by name?  There are definite brands that I prefer for certain recipes.  Well a quick Google search, when I got back home, yielded this.

What a godsend of information.  Now heading back to it  I’m on the hunt for a recipe style template to use in the book.



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