Google’s Pixel Buds are cool, even if they’re not the absolute best in the market or the most feature-rich. The second-gen Pixel Buds made them fully wireless, and the Pixel Buds A-Series made them affordable. All these models integrate amazingly with Google’s apps and services and bring the Google Assistant closer to your ear. If you ever need to quickly tweak settings on your Pixel Buds, now the menu for doing so is easier to access than ever.

In the latest update to the Pixel Buds app, version 1.0.3909, Google has added a handy widget you can use to quickly access the settings on your Pixel Buds (via 9to5Google). In order to find the widget, you just need to update the app, go into your phone’s Widgets panel, and look for “Pixel Buds.” From there, place it on your home screen, tap on your Buds, and you’re good to go.

The Pixel Buds widget for settings. Image credits: 9to5Google

Previously, the way to get to your Pixel Buds’ settings varied from device to device. If you had a non-Pixel Android phone and you were using the Pixel Buds app, tapping on the app was enough to get to your settings, since the app acted as a companion app. On Pixels, though, it’s different —all of these features are integrated into device Settings, so users would need to go to the Settings app, tap on Connected devices, then tap the gear icon next to the Pixel Buds. We clearly see why Pixel users would want this widget — the existing process can be more annoying than useful.

Tapping the widget will get you directly to the settings for your Pixel Buds, where you can then check firmware updates, adjust gestures, tweak Assistant settings, and more. You can grab the update from the Google Play Store now.

Google Pixel Buds
Google Pixel Buds