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Pixel 6 live wallpapers show off Google’s green thumb

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Some floral arrangements for your next smartphone

If you’re a Pixel user, you know Google delivers dozens upon dozens of beautiful wallpapers for your home screen. We’ve seen a ton of new backdrops from the Pixel 6 leak out over the last couple of months, but one thing’s been missing from all of those collections: live wallpapers. Thankfully, Google has some in the works for its latest smartphone, and they look pretty familiar.

The folks at 9to5Google got their hands on the version of the live wallpapers app included on every Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, and with it comes new motion-equipped backgrounds for your visual enjoyment. These backdrops are located under a newly-added “Bloom” category, utilizing the same floral patterns we’ve seen in advertisements and still images.

Each wallpaper has three unique subsets of flower, for a total of six choices altogether. You can also control the blur level before setting your new backdrop using a slider found in the settings panel. They all feature dark mode support, while the colors line up perfectly with the choices made available for the Pixel 6.

As for the live elements, it’s pretty subtle. Instead of some traditional moving parts hidden away in the background, Google utilizes a parallax effect to mirror your motion. It’s reminiscent of how iOS handles “live wallpapers,” but with some extra depth and complexity.

Unfortunately, unlike with those recently-leaked stills, there’s no way to get these on your phone just yet. If it’s anything like Google’s past entries, these are exclusive to the company’s newest phones. Try not to be too impatient, of course — we’re just a few days out from the official launch of the Pixel 6.

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