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New High Power Mode feature for the latest MacBook Pro will help the laptop reach its full potential

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Apple recently released a new MacBook Pro lineup powered by more powerful M1 Pro and M1X chips. Both of these chips appear to be way more powerful than their predecessor. But Apple is doing much more than adding powerful pieces of hardware: the Cupertino tech firm is working on a new feature for the highest configuration of MacBook Pro to realize its full potential.

Called High Power Mode, the feature is designed to better support resource-intensive tasks, which require an added boost of performance. The feature is exactly the opposite of Low Power Mode, which saves the battery life of your device, and this increased battery life comes at the expense of system performance(via Macrumors).

Macrumors recently found references to High Power Mode in macOS Monterey beta, and the feature is expected to be included in the final build of the upcoming macOS update. However, it won’t be available for the 14-inch M1 Pro-powered MacBook Pro. M1X-powered MacBook Pro owners will be found the new feature in the settings of the upcoming macOS update.

Speaking of performance, Apple claims the 10-Core M1 Pro is 70% faster than the M1 chip, while the 16-Core one is 200% faster than the predecessor. As per the Apple website, the 10-Core M1 Max with a massive 32 GPU Cores is 4x faster GPU performance than M1. You can know more about the latest MacBook Pro laptops here.

How many of you’re getting the new MacBook Pro? Let’s know down in the comments.

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