Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra

The Moon enters Libra at 2:56 pm on September 17th (Pacific time).  When the Moon is in airy Libra, people tend to be more social, looking to connect, whether it’s going out for a coffee or running ideas off each other.  Libra moon generally is light-hearted and relatively easy to deal with.  It’s a time to relax with those you care about, find ways to get out of your routine in a comfortable atmosphere. Libra moon goes VOC (Void of Course) September 19th at 10:29 am until she enters Scorpio on September 19th at 3:32 pm (EDT).  Here’s a handy dandy link to probably the best explanation of what it means when the Moon is Void of Course.  As a side note, Debbi Kempton-Smith who wrote that VOC explanation was one of the funniest, tongue in cheek Astrologers I’ve ever read. I can’t recommend her book, Secrets from a Stargazers Notebook. (I actually have three well-read haggered copies).

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