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Learn About the Equipment Used by Water Mitigation Professionals

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In this video, Water Restoration Specialists, water mitigation professionals discuss the various ways water can damage your building. Water mitigation professionals deal with these situations every day. The purpose of their business is to restore your property back to its pre-damaged condition.

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Water Restoration Specialists explain in the video how they restore property using a thermal energy system (TES) and a directed heat drive. Heat is the critical piece to restoring buildings. Drying out the building fast reduces secondary damage.

They use advanced drying equipment and techniques based on cutting edge science. The video first discusses the old technique that was used to dry buildings. While it works, it has many drawbacks. The largest one is that it is a slow process.

Directed heat drying is two or three times faster than the dehumidifier based solution. Instead of directing heat into the air, they provide heat directly to the water, which helps it evaporate and exhaust the molecules in the air. The video gives many examples to explain how the science works.

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