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As I’ve gotten older I find myself, not unsurprisingly dealing with more health challenges.  I would have to say the biggest one is sleep.  I don’t sleep as deeply as I used to.  I have really bizarre dreams, incredibly vivid and sometimes disturbing.  Like most folks I’ve tried most over the counter solutions.  The generic aspirin with sleep aids seem to work the best for me.  I can’t do them everyday, they become less and less effective.  There aren’t thankfully too many other health issues I have had to deal with. My neck and lower back going out, but honestly that is mostly related to the extra 80 pounds I’m carrying.

I mention all of this because it seems to me that we all eventually have issues we have to deal with. I don’t like kvetching about health issues.  I don’t like it when other people do it either.  I guess using my blog to do it is essentially the same thing.  The main reason for this brief post is to ask how do you deal with issues that can be debilitating and you have little control over?  For me, I become somewhat stubborn and just simply don’t accept there isn’t anything I can do.  So I charge ahead in search of a solution.  What do you do?

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Ken Saunders is a freelance writer, gadget collector and Biohacker. Kens’ professional background is in Information Technology as well as Health and Wellness. His experience has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He especially enjoys researching and writing articles on the topics of Technology, Food, and all things Freelancing. His articles have appeared in many online sites, including, Andrew Christian, and can learn more about his services at

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