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How to Not Get Cheated by Jewelers

How to Not Get Cheated by Jewelers

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When you are picking out the best jewelry to buy, you want to feel confident in your purchase, and that means feeling confident in your jeweler. When you shop from jewelry stores, it is possible that the jewelers there may try to cheat or trick you in order to get you to pay more money than you need to. In this video, you will learn about some of the common tricks that jewelers use in order to trick their customers so that you can be informed and make purchases you can feel confident and happy about.

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A jeweler who wants to make as much money as possible may try to switch out the diamond he was just showing you for one of lesser quality. You’ll end up paying the full price for something that is not what you think you’re getting, and you may never know. This video will explain how this trick and others work and also give you some tips on how to avoid them from happening or being able to spot them.


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