Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for August 1, 2020 is:

hotdog • HAHT-dawg  • verb

: to perform in a conspicuous or often ostentatious manner; especially : to perform fancy stunts and maneuvers (as while surfing or skiing)


The wide receiver hotdogged into the end zone after catching the touchdown pass.

“When you’re skating a four-and-a-half mile long trail, you don’t need to worry about crowds. Nobody’s coming along behind you, or hotdogging alongside.” — Joyce Maynard, The New York Times, 11 Feb. 2020

Did you know?

The verb hotdog first appeared in the latter half of the 20th century, and it was adopted from the use of the noun hot dog for someone who is very good at something. The noun was popularized around the turn of the 19th century along with the interjection hot dog to express approval or gratification. In time, the noun became mainly associated with people who showed off their skills in sports, from basketball to skiing, and the verb form came to be used for the spectacular acts of these show-offs. (As a side tidbit to chew on, the word for the frankfurter that might be eaten while watching athletes perform was also on the menu in the late 19th century.)

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