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Google’s At a Glance widget is finally fixed in Android 12 (APK Download)

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A redesign broke weather details and settings, but a Google app update brings remedy


Android 12 Beta 5 is as close as it gets to stable Android 12 for Google Pixel users right now, given that Google hasn’t released the latest OS for everyone. And some issues are still lingering around. Particularly, one specific problem with Android 12’s At a Glance widget kept users from seeing the weather on either their home screen or the new redesigned lock screen. The At a Glance widget was first introduced with the Pixel 2 in 2017, and has since always shown the weather. Now, this issue on Android 12’s last beta has finally been fixed.

Reports have started pouring in from people saying that the At a Glance widget is now finally showing the weather. We also managed to independently confirm this on our end. If seeing the weather on your home screen is something you’re missing, downloading the latest Google beta APK should do the trick. Should the weather details not show up for you once you’ve installed the update on your phone, you need to restart your device, head to At a Glance’s settings, and toggle the weather feature off and on (yes, the previously broken toggles are functional in this update, too). From then on, the widget should begin showing you the weather below the date once again on your home screen.

Note that this isn’t the new “Live Space” redesign/rebrand of Google’s home widget we’ve previously spoken about, which should replace the current At a Glance widget. If videos from Google’s design team serve as any indication, it might be a massive change in terms of both design and functionality.

If all you want right now is for your At a Glance widget to show you the weather properly on your Android 12 Beta 5 smartphone, then you should grab the latest Google beta APK and install it on your phone, with the steps described above in mind.

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