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Google for Creators wants to help you strike gold as a content maker

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Google for Creators

Making it as an independent content creator seems to be getting harder and harder as time goes on. In reality, actually making the content you want people to see is only half the battle — content makers often find themselves deeply studying the ins and outs of social platforms in order to put together a strategy to not only put out useful content on the interwebz, but also make sure it reaches an audience. And that’s without factoring in monetization. Putting a cohesive content strategy together is quite the task, but Google wants to make it easier for you with its new Google for Creators portal.

This isn’t a new service, nor is it a special feature of a Google product that can magically get you views. Instead, Google has made a one-stop-shop for all the help you might need as an independent content creator. The site aims to give you tips on everything from nailing down the essentials of creation to building a content strategy for your personal brand. It includes information about reaching an audience and maintaining it, all the way up to actually being able to earn money off your content. Plus, this website looks absolutely gorgeous — Google’s Material You design language is in full swing here.

Each guide will include everything from ELI5 explanations, to neat anecdotes from other content creators, and even explanatory videos on several topics covered by the site. And if you don’t know where to start, or which guide to check first, the site also offers you a quiz you can take to point you towards the content that will be the most useful to you.

None of this will guarantee the success of your personal brand — that will eventually come down to you, and the way you do things. You’ll also need a hefty dose of luck with the algorithms since that’s part of the wild internet age we’re living in. It will teach you the fundamentals, however, which should give you a much better chance.

You can check out the website here. And there’s no app, folks, but the mobile website looks pretty good.

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