Gadget Alert! – Spidfee Magnetic Refrigerator Door Handle with Cover

I recently picked this up on Amazon, and it’s one of my newest favorite things.

You might be thinking, “Your third favorite purchase of the year? Dude, get a life!” But seriously, it’s often the small stuff that you don’t even realize you’re missing until you get it and then – bam – life’s slightly better. So, we bought this new fridge a while back, right? No door handle. Just this side groove thing to yank it open. Quite a pain, if you ask me, especially ’cause I’m all about hanging the kitchen towel on the handle to dry my hands and grabbing it to swing the door open. Then I found this add-on door handle. Total game-changer. It tackles my towel-dilemma and makes popping open the fridge a breeze. Plus, it’s cheap as chips and, odds are, your fridge could use a handy little upgrade like this too.m Those of you who’ve been around know that when I get something new, wether it is software/hardware or a gadget I’m going to write about it and share my experience with you.

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