Gadget Alert! – Spidfee Magnetic Refrigerator Door Handle with Cover

door handle

I recently picked this up on Amazon, and it’s one of my newest favorite things.

I know what you thinking. Third favorite purchase of the year? He must live a really boring life. Actually, the reason I say that is because it’s the little things that, until you have them, you realize how much of a difference (positive) they make. We purchased a new fridge a few months back, and it doesn’t have a door handle; you open it from the side “groove.” This really annoyed me because I like to hang the kitchen towel on the door and open it from being able to pull on a handle. This door handle solves both of those issues and makes my day-to-day just a little bit happier. It is not expensive at all, and you most likely have a fridge that could benefit from one of these.

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