Everyday is a fresh start

Its really easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and easily push aside those things that matter to you, like blogging.  I’ve found that I really need to be purposeful and intentional in keeping my 3 blogs up to date with fresh content, new articles and great reviews.  I honestly haven’t been good at this.  Things are going to change though.  I recently re-discovered my favorite blog companion app, Tailwind.  Tailwind has recently really put together a pretty snazzy set of features that acts almost like a Social Media assistant called YOUR Plan. Its essentially a self-driven marketing plan for your website based on the goals YOU have, wether that means a larger following, yes please, or more sales from your site.  Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like.

Screenshot 2022 10 08 at 12 54 58 PM

Screenshot 2022 10 08 at 12 58 19 PM

As you can see it provides a day by day schedule posting ideas that are based on what your goals are for that particular site. I”m loving this because, at least for me, what to post was always the biggest challenge.  I can see how this will be really beneficial.  I’ll be following my metrics over the course of the next month and report back how things go. In the meanwhile if you can see the value in what I’ve shared and want to try it out for yourself.  Here’s a handy dandy link to tailwind.  I am an affiliate of Tailwind and will get credit if you use my link, so please and thank you ahead of time.

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