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Even the Pixel 6’s guts are now fully documented thanks to a leaked service manual

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The leaks have crossed into flood territory


Google is notoriously bad at keeping secrets. Year after year, upcoming Pixel phones keep getting leaked in a sustained manner that outpaces other Android devices. And the last few days before the phones’ announcement are always the most contentious. This year, though, Google took a different approach to it by essentially making the Pixel 6 an open secret, confirming the phone’s existence, and even playing along with leaks ahead of the official announcement. The strategy worked as well as it could. The past few days have been packed with Pixel leaks, including one assembly video, but now we also have a repair guide that fully documents the phone’s internals.

There isn’t a lot of stuff in the leaked guide, courtesy of Telegram channel AppleDataLeaks, that wasn’t already known publicly. However, a couple of key takeaways jump from it. The first one is the battery, and here, people who were looking forward to Pixel phones finally shipping with bigger cells will be pleasantly surprised. The Pixel 6 will have a 4,614 mAh battery, the 6 Pro a 5,003 mAh one. Battery sizes in Pixel phones have gone in a much-needed upward trend, with the Pixel 5 coming with a 4,080 mAh battery after the Pixel 4 infamously shipped with a 2,800 mAh unit.

The other important takeaway from the repair guide is the modem. Nils Ahrensmeier spotted a picture of a Pixel 6 Pro in Fastboot mode in the document, showing that the phone is coming with the “g5123b” modem, or the Exynos 5123 modem. It’s an… unusual option, considering Samsung itself hasn’t used Exynos modems in smartphones sold in the United States since the Galaxy S6. Maybe they’re better now?

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are being announced on October 19th, so we won’t have to wait a long time to see Google finally confirm all of this. There aren’t exactly any surprises left, though.

Samsung is already putting its new Galaxy Tab S7 FE on sale everywhere

Like, really on sale in one place more than others

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