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Dead Zebra’s new Halloween collectible is coming for your mail

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Delivery subsystem errors have never been so cute

Mailer Daemon

Dead Zebra has added to its selection of delightful Droid figurines for Halloween, with its newly realized terror of the mail delivery subsystem: the Mailer Daemon. The company has delivered an untold number of its iconic bugdroid interpretations to fans through its releases, previously dropping collectibles for Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Oktoberfest. Earlier this year, Dead Zebra even presented an exceptionally cool upgraded Standard Edition bugdroid, dropping a Dark Theme Edition alongside it for low-light purists.

For Halloween, the company has returned with an outfitted collectible, introducing its new Mailer Daemon. The Mailer Daemon is kitted out in a full postal uniform which is very smart, although it fails to cover its demonic nature. The 3” red devil comes with the same poseable antenna, arms, and head features as the June Standard and Dark Theme releases, and adds to its uniform with its own mail delivery bag, removable cap, and a pink slip bearing responsibility for missed mail deliveries. All very on theme for the jagged tooth troublemaker.

Dead Zebra calls the Mailer Daemon relatable for anyone who’s ever experienced a bounced email or full inbox, as “the delivery devils revel in reminding you of your email failures”. If you’re keen on getting one for Halloween self-gifting, or know someone who would appreciate one, the Mailer Daemon is available from Dead Zebra from today. Shipping will start next week despite some delivery issues of the company’s own.

We’re sure Mailer Daemon will look nothing but innocent nestled in an office or home office, where it can watch over your daily email admin with a terrifying grin. The new collectible costs $10, while four optional display cases each cost an additional $3. They may be useful should you wish to keep your collectible on display, safe…or just locked away from meddling in any of your email activities.

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