Day 2 of 4 – Beef n Butter fast

Not having drank last night really made a difference in my ability to sleep.  I slept really well. I had crazy Corona dreams, they are so common now that I’m usually aware that I’m dreaming and am able to move the dream in the direction I want it to go.  Weighed in this morning and much to my surprise my weight has dropped almost 4lbs already from 297.1 –> 293.0, body fat is the same which means that this is mostly water weight.  This is

weigh-in 4/29/2020

typical when going on a Keto diet.  Water first, then the fat, then the redistribution.  Either way, I’ll take it.  My back has been killing me carrying around all these 15.0 extra pounds.  I have barely been able to walk Fancypants without having to sit down.

On to my Ketones.  I tested them this morning and they were at .02 which is barely higher than they were yesterday.  It generally speaking will take 24/48 for your body to go into Ketosis if you remove all carbs from the diet as we are doing with this Beef/Butter fast. I was talking with Lonnie and told him I’d be testing again this afternoon because my readings are generally better in the afternoon once I’ve eaten my intake of good fats (avocados, grass-fed butter, oils, and meat fats).  Keto Mojo had a nice surprise for me as you can see below.  I’m officially in Ketosis at this point, and not only Ketosis but fat burning Ketosis.  So, all in all, I’d say it has been a good day.  We have lift off!!


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