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  <font color="#000066">Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for September 20, 2021 is:</font>

<strong>collude</strong> &#8226; kuh-LOOD&nbsp; &#8226; <em>verb</em><br />
<p><em>Collude</em> means "to conspire or plot."

// The two companies had colluded to keep prices high.

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<strong>Examples:</strong><br />
<p>"Seven … maintenance managers were federally charged … with <a href="">bilking</a> the transit agency out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by <em>colluding</em> with vendors to charge for goods that were never provided and pocketing the proceeds." — Thomas Fitzgerald and Jeremy Roebuck, <em>The Philadelphia Inquirer</em>, 12 Aug. 2021

<strong>Did you know?</strong><br />
<p>The Latin prefix <em>col-</em>, meaning "together," and the verb <em>ludere</em>, "to play," come together to form <em>collude</em>. The related noun <em><a href="">collusion</a></em> has the specific meaning "secret agreement or cooperation." Despite their playful history, <em>collude</em> and <em>collusion</em> have always suggested deceit or trickery rather than good-natured fun.


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