Moon in Virgo

Moon in Virgo

 Moon is traveling through conscientious Virgo today. Watch for nagging. You probably are correct, but say it nicely. Run errands and don’t forget to floss your teeth.  Make sure all the T’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted on any documents that come before you today.  It’s a good time to tackle that pile […]

Moon in Leo

Moon in Gemini

 Moon is traveling through dramatic Leo today and tomorrow. It’s a great time to toot your own horn, shine and be proud of who you are! You rule right now! If you’ve finished up a project at work now is the time to discreetly let your boss know. Short getaways are favored now also.

Moon in Cancer

 Moon in Cancer the emotional focus is on home and family now. Undertake activities that nurture yourself and your loved ones. Watch that you don’t eat your emotions at this time.

Release the Energy

I finally tackle my three bookshelves full of books. Now all my astrology books are together organized by subject and author. My Pagan/Witchcraft books are together. The Christian Mystics and Saints are living side by side along with all the Abundance/Affirmation Science of Mind Unity New Thought books. It’s somewhat subjective but the energy just […]

Book Review: The Book of the Moon: Discovering Astrology’s Lost Dimension

I’ve been a student of Steven Forrest’s Astrology for quite a while now.  He is a master storyteller and Astrologist.  The information in the Book of the Moon is both easy to read and contains a lot of great information about the moon. He clearly lays out how he goes about interpreting the moon with […]

Moon enters Gemini

Moon in Gemini

With the Moon in Gemini New ideas abound right now. Make the most of opportunities that come along, but learn to discriminate.Communications are vital

The End of Summer

We decided to move all of the plants off of the grass as it was not healthy for the grass and it just looks cleaner. We moved all of the plants and the fountain into what was the vegetable garden this past summer. I’m going to be adding two more rosebushes and a tiny lemon […]