End of Year ritual – 2020


People of call colors, religions, ethnicities, and sexes seem to have various rituals to mark the end of one year and the beginning of another.  A little bit about that, New Years’, specifically.  Have you ever wondered about where New Years’ celebrations came from or even who decided when New Year’s eve was going to […]

Publishing a book with Trademark mentions

Mr. Fancypants (our dog) and I were out on his walk this morning as we do every morning. He wants me to mention that he almost got that squirrel this time. It’s probably my favorite time of the day. The air is still crisp, especially now that it’s Fall and the birds, and squirrels, are […]

Current Writing project

So I have started work on one of my bucket projects. I am going to be authoring a Keto book. I’m specifically asking all of you that currently live a Keto lifestyle to help out. PM me your favorite Keto Dinners, Lunches, Desserts. The only guidelines are that they are easy to make for people […]

Recipe – Tom Kha Kai (Coconut lime chicken soup)

tom kha kai

Thai and Indian food are my two most favorite types of cooking.  One of the things that they share is a love of spices, perhaps that’s why I adore both styles of cooking.  Years ago, I had Tom Kha Kai for the first time, it was very soon after I had moved to Los Angeles.  […]

So you wanna be more productive check out ToDoist

I can’t say enough positive things about Todoist.  I’ve been using it daily since Microsoft bought Wunderlist back a few years ago.  For those of you that don’t know what it is.  Todoist is basically an incredibly flexible todo list.  It allows you to create a project todo list, grocery todo lists that work with […]

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon is traveling through Sagittarius today. The grass looks greener on the other side during this time. Jump ship. Learn a new language. Make plans for that mini getaway.  Tell it like it is. Make people laugh. Moon goes VOC on September 23rd  at 1:31 pm until she enters serious Capricorn at 7:16 pm the […]

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio

Moon is traveling through Scorpio. Beware of jealousy. Passions are easily aroused, especially so with the God of War, Mars opposing Lady Luna on the 19th. Desire is in the air. It’s all or nothing, now. Love or hate, no middle ground. It’s poker-face time.

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra

The Moon enters Libra at 2:56 pm on September 17th (Pacific time).  When the Moon is in airy Libra, people tend to be more social, looking to connect, whether it’s going out for a coffee or running ideas off each other.  Libra moon generally is light-hearted and relatively easy to deal with.  It’s a time […]