Stuff I Recommend

I surf the web a lot as part of my job.  I’m always finding new books, gadgets, toys, and tools to help me make life and living a bit easier and more enjoyable.  It’s also true that when I find something I like I can’t seem to shut up about it, so I decided to create this page to keep a listing of all the things I use, enjoy or recommend.  BTW, if there is something that you love and think I should check it out send me a message here with a link and I’ll be happy to take a look.

iRobot meets Mr. Fancypants

I've been wanting an iRobot for quite awhile. I finally picked up the Roomba 675.  It just finished its first run.  It took about 90 mins but managed to clean the house really well.  I highly recommend them.  At this point they aren't that expensive.…
ninja foodi

Review – Ninja Foodi

This past Christmas our kitchen was forever changed when Lonnie won this miraculous device.  At first, it just looked big, like it was going to overwhelm our already device laden counters but when I started reading the cookbook that came with it, I knew we…
Less Annoying CRM

Review – Less Annoying CRM

So when I started my online Wellness business back in 2012 I knew I was going to need a CRM (Contact Relations Management System) in order to keep all the particulars of all of the many many relationships straight.  I'll just say that I've tried…
book cover

Review -Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer

When The Writer Magazine called this book "An essential read for freelance writers" I thought it was a bit exaggerated only to find out after reading that it really is an essential read.  I can't recommend this one enough.  I really look for books that don't…