Hungry Root food service

Lonnie and I am going to try out this grocery delivery service. I love that you can make a variety of recipes out of the ingredients they are sending you. I also love that you can customize your order, in our case, to exclude higher-carb items. I’ll definitely post when we get our first box […]

A Clearer Purpose

I recently was doing some housecleaning on Ken-Saunders. Probably because I’ve been focused on a hundred other things, I’ve really been negligent with this site.  Part of it too is that I just wasn’t clear on what I want Ken-Saunders to be about.  Is it supposed to be a blog about my not so boring […]

Written goals are far more likely to become manifested goals

white book with text

This year I’m going to read more books, write more, play more board games with friends (when COVID allows), drop about 70 pounds of fat weight, gain muscle weight, build my stamina, help 5 people build their own Wellness business, finish the first FancyPants book. Grow my Astrology business, 4 Phases Astrology (first 15 people […]

End of Year ritual – 2020


People of call colors, religions, ethnicities, and sexes seem to have various rituals to mark the end of one year and the beginning of another.  A little bit about that, New Years’, specifically.  Have you ever wondered about where New Years’ celebrations came from or even who decided when New Year’s eve was going to […]

Day 1 of 4 – Beef n Butter fast

I woke up today feeling pretty good actually.  All the work we did in the backyard this past weekend left me feeling accomplished.  The work also left me tired and ready for a good night’s sleep.  I did the regular morning routine, feed Fancypants, get a cup of coffee, sit, read news/emails/Facebook, take Fancy for […]