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pineapple fountain

Spring is Coming.

The writer expresses delight over a newly installed backyard fountain and shares plans for their summer garden. They will grow tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, flowers, herbs, and attempt lettuce again, hoping for success this year. Further details are available via a posted link.

You are not smart by david cunningham and you are not smart by steve jobs.
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You Are Not So Smart and The Path Taken – What’s Up Next on my Goodreads list.

Today, I reveled in the joy of receiving two books, “You Are Not So Smart” for my English class, encouraging introspection on human psychology, and “The Path Taken,” a touching biography of Scott Cunningham by his sister, which promises insight for Pagan adherents and biography enthusiasts alike. I invite readers to share their reflections on these diverse reads.

Two men receive a proper introduction while sitting on a bench.

A Proper introduction

Hey everyone.  I’m Ken Craig-Saunders.  So I thought I would talk a little bit about who I am, how I ended up here and some of the things I will be sharing. This is me an my husband.  He’s the cute one on the left and I’m the one in […]