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  <font color="#000066">Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for September 9, 2021 is:</font>

<strong>brogue</strong> &#8226; BROHG&nbsp; &#8226; <em>noun</em><br />
<p>A <em>brogue</em> is a low shoe, usually made of leather, with perforations and a wing tip.

// Even though his brogues are scuffed and old, Dad prefers them to his new loafers.

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<strong>Examples:</strong><br />
<p>"I've recently returned from my annual trip to the UK and, as usual on returning, my accent (apparently) is a little more clipped than when I left, and I'm wearing <em>brogues</em> and—most startling of all—socks, despite the unseasonable Aussie heat." —

Neale Whitaker, The Advertiser (Australia), 20 Jan. 2019

<strong>Did you know?</strong><br />
<p>Did you expect <em>brogue</em> to be defined as "an Irish accent"? You're probably not alone; however, <em><a href="">brogue</a></em> has two homographs (words that are spelled—and, in this case, pronounced—the same but have different origins or parts of speech). Today we're featuring <em>brogue</em>, the shoe, which comes from the Irish word <em>bróg</em> and probably derives from an Old Norse term meaning "leg covering." <em>Brogue</em>, the accent, comes from a different Irish word, <em>barróg</em>, which means "accent" or "speech impediment."


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