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Blogging Notes – A new direction

The life of a Freelance writer often from the outside sounds so much more adventurous than the reality is.  I love doing what I’m doing now and have no regrets at all about leaving my old 9-5, other than missing the people I got to work with and the friendships that were formed.  Writing assignments have slowed down considerably since late April, and I’m sure I could be doing more than I am to drum up more work.  Frankly, I’m a bit tired.  Between the political climate in our country, the treatment of refugees and their families, the way that that it feels like we’ve all been plunged into an almost Alice in Wonderland kind of world were up is down and down is up black is purple and white is red, uncivil like behavior and attitudes towards each other is almost celebrated, wrong is no longer wrong, lying is open and acceptable.  All of this drains me emotionally, and from a lot of my conversations, it would seem a lot of you as well.  Each new day it seems to get worse, reaching new levels of bizarre, mean and ugly.  I feel almost helpless to change it.   I’ll vote when the time comes, of course, I’ll vote.  In the meanwhile, I am going to take some steps to minimize my exposure to those things that upset me, that keep my productivity levels lower than they could be.  I’ve formed new goals for myself, a daily schedule of writing, working-out, business building activities, and of course playing with Mr. Fancypants, who is now on a diet by the way.  Our little pork chop is 37 pounds lite, so no multiple daytime treats for him.  I will be moving almost all of my writing here to my website and off of  Facebook seems to be the source for a lot of the articles and such that are causing my existential angst.  Lastly, I’ve taken to re-reading a lot of the books that formed my beliefs, The Power of Positive Thinking, The Science of Mind, everything by Terry Cole Whittaker as well as Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction.  Lastly, I’ve chosen to limit who I surround myself with, negative people, shallow queens, gossipy queens, and people that are only around me because of who I’m friends but don’t genuinely like me, consider this your pink slip, you are no longer a part of my circle.  I bless you and release you, sincerely and with hope for all good things.  Feel free to subscribe to my blog, and you’ll get updates whenever I post them.  Also if you need any Astrology chart work done head on over to and pick up a transit report.  As some of you know, I’ve been studying since I was seven years old and professional Astrologer since I was in my teens.


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