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One of the many things that I hope to do with is to share what I’ve learned and am learning along this Blogging path.  One of the things that initially drew me to blogging was my love of sharing.  I love to share products, services, food, recipes, I love sharing what I get excited about.  When I first started blogging, many years ago affiliate marketing wasn’t a thing.  Basically for my non-blogging readers, what affiliate marketing is basically is that if you like something and put a link up, say for a book you just read, and then someone who reads your blog comes along, likes your recommendation, clicks on the link and buys the book.  The online store they bought it from will pay YOU a small fee for recommending and using their store.  Everyone wins!!  I use affiliate marketing on this and all of my pages, not because I expect to make a windfall from it but because I genuinely love sharing when I’ve found something that makes life easier, better, less of a hassle or tastier. Books, gadgets stuff have been my thing since I was little. I’ve never had a desire to collect cars or art.  I’ve always collected tech toys, ever since I can remember.  So where does that bring us and what’s really the point of this short article?  One of the things that I recommend to every one of you out there reading this now, if you have a blog (especially if you have a WordPress blog) and you’re sharing those things you’re passionate about start creating some extra income for yourselves with affiliate links.  The one I’ve been using the most is called Viglink.  One of the reasons I like it more than some of the others is that it doesn’t require much on your part to use it. Basically, you create an account here, install the plugin on your WordPress site and then whenever you build links to items in your articles, Viglink will automatically create an affiliate link for you.  Someone reads your article, buys that great book (from said link) and BAM you get paid.

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Ken Saunders

Freelancer, Gadget collector, Biohacker

Ken Saunders is a freelance writer, gadget collector and Biohacker. Kens’ professional background is in Information Technology as well as Health and Wellness. His experience has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He especially enjoys researching and writing articles on the topics of Technology, Food, and all things Freelancing. His articles have appeared in many online sites, including, Andrew Christian, and can learn more about his services at

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