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An idle Brain is a rested brain

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Lately I’ve been coming across articles that seem to line up with exactly the thinking and experiences I’ve been having recently the kismet is sometimes surprising even to my magical thinking. This article is a good example I think I’ve been in overdrive since the “life change” that began in October and it’s been a process of Putting some things that are otherwise very important to me on the back burner in order to learn how to integrate all of the newness. This article really speaks to the idea of allowing your brain space to be productive, really productive with a few things until it’s ready to accommodate more. If you like this article go ahead and click on the little clap hands. It’s one of the ways to show your appreciation and also at no cost to you give the author some coin.


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Ken Saunders is a freelance writer, gadget collector and Biohacker. Kens’ professional background is in Information Technology as well as Health and Wellness. His experience has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He especially enjoys researching and writing articles on the topics of Technology, Food, and all things Freelancing. His articles have appeared in many online sites, including, Andrew Christian, and can learn more about his services at

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