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All the new movies and early theater releases you can watch at home right now

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Movie theaters are open again and many of the new releases are appearing on the big screen, streaming services are still getting plenty of first-run films. We’ve organized a huge list with many of the new releases and upcoming titles appearing on your favorite streaming sites.

October 22


Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction

October 22 (HBO Max) | October 22 (theater)

Cast: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Stellan Skarsgård, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem

Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny beyond his understanding, must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure the future of his family and his people. As malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet’s exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence-a commodity capable of unlocking humanity’s greatest potential-only those who can conquer their fear will survive.

Stuck Together


October 20 (Netflix)

Cast: Dany Boon, François Damiens, Laurence Arné, Élie Semoun, Nawell Madani, Jorge Calvo, Yvan Attal, Tom Leeb, Liliane Rovère

Seven families live in the Parisian apartment building at 8, Rue de l’Humanite – and they didn’t escape to the countryside at the arrival of the coronavirus. Three months of life under lockdown will reveal the best and worst of these neighbours.

Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers

Comedy, Horror

October 21

Cast: Ryan Barton-Grimley, Ari Schneider, Jana Savage

Hawk doesn’t just dream about killing vampires… He eats, sleeps and breaths it! One night, they appear at his work and of course no one believes him, except his friend Rev a dimwitted vegan-pacifist. Together they join forces to save their hometown!

The Estate

Comedy, Thriller

October 22

Cast: Eliza Coupe, Greg Finley, Lala Kent, Heather Matarazzo, Eric Roberts, Alexandra Paul, Allan Graf, Ezra Buzzington, Aubyn Philabaum

When the spoiled son and newest wife of a billionaire patriarch plot to murder him, they form a psycho-sexual bond with their brutally handsome hitman as they kill and kill (and kill) in their quest for wealth and recognition.

Rhapsody of Love

Comedy, Romance

October 22

Cast: Kathy Luu, Damien Sato, Joy Hopwood, Lily Stewart, Khan Chittenden, Keith Thomas, Jessica Niven, Louise Dodge, Erica Long

Rhapsody of Love follows the lives of four couples at different stages of their relationships and how sometimes life presents love when we least expect it. Events planner Jess meets photographer Justin at the wedding of her best friend Ben. Ben and Natasha are perfect for each other, but can they both support each other’s career aspirations. Then there’s Phil, always saying the wrong thing and looking for his next date. Romance, work and life all collide when an events planner and a wedding photographer meet and ignite sparks.

Every Last One of Them

Action, Thriller

October 22

Cast: Paul Sloan, Richard Dreyfuss, Jake Weber, Taryn Manning, Mike Hatton, Michael Madsen, Nick Vallelonga

Desperate to find his missing daughter, a man tracks her last known whereabouts to a small desert town only to discover that the head of a deeply funded security firm and his vicious younger sister are protecting a family secret that could potentially derail a billion dollar water deal between his boss and the US government.

After We Fell

Romance, Drama

October 19

Cast: Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Chance Perdomo, Carter Jenkins, Kiana Madeira, Stephen Moyer, Louise Lombard, Mira Sorvino, Arielle Kebbel

Just as Tessa’s life begins to become unglued, nothing is what she thought it would be. Not her friends nor her family. The only person that she should be able to rely on is Hardin, who is furious when he discovers the massive secret that she’s been keeping. Before Tessa makes the biggest decision of her life, everything changes because of revelations about her family.

Bergman Island

Drama, Romance

October 22

Cast: Tim Roth, Vicky Krieps, Mia Wasikowska, Anders Danielsen Lie, Wouter Hendrickx, Gabe Klinger, Joel Spira, Oscar Reis, Teodor Abreu

An American filmmaking couple retreat to the island for the summer to each write screenplays for their upcoming films in an act of pilgrimage to the place that inspired Bergman. As the summer and their screenplays advance, the lines between reality and fiction start to blur against the backdrop of the Island’s wild landscape.

The Subject


October 22

Cast: Jason Biggs, Aunjanue Ellis, Anabelle Acosta, Nile Bullock, Carra Patterson, Caleb Eberhardt

A successful white documentarian deals with the fallout from his last film, which caught the murder of a Black teen on tape. While he films a new doc series, someone else tapes his every move.

No Future


October 22

Cast: Catherine Keener, Charlie Heaton

After the tragic overdose of his estranged friend, Will, a recovering addict, returns home, where he is reunited with Claire, his friend’s grieving mother, with whom he begins a secret but volatile affair.



October 19

Cast: Cameron Boyce, Nicole Elizabeth Berger, Aramis Knight, Jason Patric, Cyrus Arnold, Tichina Arnold, Brianna Hildebrand, Mitch Silpa, Scott Peat

Neglected and unsupervised, a group of high school seniors find themselves pulled into a downward cycle of violence.

At the Ready


October 22 (theater)

Cast: Maisie Crow, Maisie Crow, Abbie Perrault, Hillary Pierce, Roberto Grande, Justin Lacob, Mimi Pham, Maisie Crow, Austin Reedy, Davis Guggenheim, Jonathan Silberberg, Nicole Stott, Fred Grinstein, Steve Golin, Kathryn Everett, Tony Hsieh, Bryn Mooser, Max Kabat

Home to one of the region’s largest law enforcement education program, students at Horizon High School in El Paso train to become police officers and Border Patrol agents as they discover the realities of their dream jobs may be at odds with the truths and people they hold most dear.



October 20 (Netflix)

Cast: Amanda Lipitz, Anita Gou, Amanda Lipitz, Jamie Schutz, Jane Zheng, Liesl Copland, Barbara Dobkin, Geralyn White Dreyfous, Margaret Munzer Loeb, Patty Quillin, Jenny Raskin, Ann Rubenstein Tisch, Regina K. Scully, Tracy Chutorian Semler, Andrew Tisch, Jonathan Tisch, Lizzie Tisch, Penelope Falk, Toby Chu

Follows the story of three American teenage girls—each adopted from China—who discover they are blood-related cousins on 23andMe. Their online meeting inspires the young women to confront the burning questions they have about their lost history.

A Cop Movie

Documentary [Spanish]

October 22 (Netflix)

Cast: Raúl Briones, Monica del Carmen, Alonso Ruiz Palacios, David Gaitán, Alonso Ruiz Palacios, Daniela Alatorre, Elena Fortes, Daniela Alatorre, Elena Fortes, Emiliano Villanueva, Yibran Asuad, Julieta Álvarez Icaza, Bernardo Velasco

Following family tradition, Teresa and Montoya join the police force, only to find their convictions and hopes crushed by a dysfunctional system. Their emotional bond becomes a refuge for the hostility they are exposed to. Through a bold experiment of narrative and documentary storytelling, A Cop Movie propels the viewer into an unusual cinematic space, giving voice to one of Mexico’s most controversial institutions.


Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama

October 22

Cast: Alex Pettyfer, Alice Eve, Annabel Mullion, Annabelle Wallis, Benedict Samuel, Charlotte Le Bon, Garance Marillier, Kylie Bunbury, Patrick Schwarzenegger

Set in the not-too-distant future, this intense sci-fi thriller explores the repercussions that humanity faces when omniscient technology becomes a substitute for human contact. But life begins to unravel when a global storm causes electronics to go haywire, leading to terrifying, deadly consequences.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Crime

October 20 (Apple TV) | October 20 (theater)

Cast: Harry Shum Jr., Kelley Mack, Chris Sullivan, James Swanton, Justin Welborn, Madrid St. Angelo, Jennifer Jelsema, Arif Yampolsky, Michael B. Woods

In the late 90s, a video archivist unearths a series of sinister pirate broadcasts and becomes obsessed with uncovering the dark conspiracy behind them.

Night Teeth

Thriller, Horror

October 20 (Netflix)

Cast: Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry, Raúl Castillo, Alfie Allen, Sydney Sweeney, Megan Fox, Alexander Ludwig, Bryan Batt

A college student moonlighting as a chauffeur picks up two mysterious women for a night of party-hopping across LA. But when he uncovers their bloodthirsty intentions – and their dangerous, shadowy underworld – he must fight to stay alive.


Drama, Horror, Thriller

October 1 (theater)

Cast: Vincent Lindon, Agathe Rousselle, Garance Marillier, Laïs Salameh, Mara Cissé, Marin Judas, Diong-Kéba Tacu, Myriem Akeddiou, Bertrand Bonello

Alexia is a woman who’s lived with a titanium plate in her head ever since a childhood car accident.

Following a series of unexplained crimes, a father is reunited with the son who has been missing for 10 years. Titane : A metal highly resistant to heat and corrosion, with high tensile strength alloys.

October 15

Halloween Kills

Horror, Thriller, Crime

October 15 (Peacock) | October 15 (theater)

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Thomas Mann, Anthony Michael Hall, Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens, Charles Cyphers

After Laurie, Karen and Allyson leave the masked monster Michael Myers caged and burning in Laurie’s basement, Laurie is rushed to the hospital with fatal injuries, believing she has finally killed her algorithm. But when Michael manages to free himself from Laurie’s trap, his bloodbath ritual begins again. As she fights her pain and prepares to defend against it, she inspires everyone in Haddonfield to rise up against The Shape.

I Know What You Did Last Summer


October 15 (Amazon Prime) It’s a series, but it’s suited to Halloween

Cast: Madison Iseman, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck, Brooke Bloom, Bill Heck

In a sun-soaked Hawaiian town with a mysterious past, a group of friends is left with a dark secret after a tragic accident. One year later, a member of the group receives a threatening message, and the friends now know that someone intends to make them pay for last summer.

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