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My Story

Ken Craig-Saunders was born in upstate New York but grew up outside New York City.  He has always been fascinated by computers and technology since he got a Commodore 64 for Xmas back when it first came out many, many, many years ago.

Born with an independent and adventurous streak, he moved out on his own when he was only 15 years old, and in 1987, without knowing anyone, he picked up and left the East Coast for Sunny California.  He has lived here ever since, except for that decade in Seattle, where he found his lifelong passion for health and Wellness. After ten years of Seattle grey skies, he journeyed back home to Southern California, where he met his husband, Lonnie, of 10 years. With their fur-baby, Mr. Fancy Pants, they call Santa Ana/Tustin their home.

He has been writing since 2012.

Kens' professional background is in Information Technology and Health and Wellness. His experience has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He especially enjoys researching and writing articles on the topics of Spirituality, Technology, Food, and the LGBT community. His articles have appeared on many online sites, including Lifehack.media, Andrew Christian, Alltherooms.com, and Vocal.media.

I love all things gadgets, technology, food, and inspiration. I aim for this site to share those things that I've found that make life a little easier, fun, inspired, or delicious. If I have provided that for you, my mission has been accomplished.

You can always reach me here.