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I recently was doing some housecleaning on Ken-Saunders. Probably because I’ve been focused on a hundred other things, I’ve really been negligent with this site.  Part of it too is that I just wasn’t clear on what I want Ken-Saunders to be about.  Is it supposed to be a blog about my not so boring life, at least to me it’s not boring?  Is supposed to be about writing, that is how it got its start, or is it supposed to be about how to make money online with a blog.  Honestly, I’ve gone back and forth about this.  I’m pretty clear that I want it to be a little bit of all those things.  It’s really going to be a blog of my journey creating content, the problems I encounter running three WordPress sites, the software and tools I use.  It will also include reviews of software and tools, cool things I learn, and really helpful articles like the one listed below.

While cleaning up this site I encountered a whole day’s worth of snags, technical glitches et al. The main challenge was getting Jetpack to talk with this site. For those interested, I kept getting a 500-page error.  As it turns out the problem was the permissions on my files were all wonky.  This article helps me straighten things out.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about the direction I’m taking this page and any technical snags you may have to manage a WordPress site as well as what you did to resolve the issue(s).

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