Alla Nazimova

Some people have Madonna, some Whitney or Christina.  I always had Nazimova.  She was not a musician. She was however one of the first HUGE silent movie stars. She was also the premier Ibsen actress of her day.  She's all but forgotten now.  This video…

Taking a new chance on an old food.

So after watching one of the leading Keto Physicians in the country talk about how Sardines are a perfect Keto food, and looking at the blood glucose and ketone results from Intermittently fasting and only eating Sardines, I thought I'd give them a go as…

Everyday is a fresh start

Its really easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and easily push aside those things that matter to you, like blogging.  I’ve found that I really need to be purposeful and intentional in keeping my 3 blogs up to date with fresh content,…

Help me understand

So every time there is a mass shooting, Republicans come out and say its not guns its about mental health. Then why the fuck are they voting down access to more mental health resources.  I’ll tell you because They LIE.  They don’t care, truly don’t…

Warning there be a rant ahead

Today started off pretty good until I left the house. I had a dental appointment this afternoon which I went to as I'm pulling into the parking space, I apparently didn't turn the wheel sharp enough and bumped the car next to me. He has…
Roevember is coming

Roe-vembers Coming!!

What a Roevember gift this is. You know what to do, stay determined, stay woke, and vote. [visual-link-preview encoded="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"]

Second Factor Delivery

So we got our second week of Factor75. I am particularly excited about all of the pork dishes. FedEx fucked up and lied about an attempted delivery yesterday. I called them on it and filed a complaint. I sit 10 feet from the front door…

What’s new Pussycat?

I have a confession to make. I’ve taken the easy way out and given control of my narrative to Facebook. Anytime I’ve wanted to share something, big or small, meaningful or not I tend to just put it all on FB. There is nothing wrong…
cross on hill

The Cross on the Hill

So, Let me tell you a little bit about this Cross. When I first moved here I used to dislike this cross, it was an eyesore.  Over the years I have associated it with home, and it has become a part of my sense of…